Sunshine On a Rainy Day

I see you in the darkness
I see you in light
I see your light shining in through the night
Make me feel 
Don’t leave me Don’t leave me here
all I alonemake me feel
Like I belong
Cause’ Your eyes like summer skies,
Blue words in the ocean clear as in the skkkkyyyy!

Sunshine on a rainy day
Makes my soul, makes my soul
Trip Trip Trip Away

You touch me with your spirit
You touch me with your heart
You touch me in the darkness,
a feeling starts
make you feel make you feel so unreal (so unreal)
Like a wind in the desert
Like a moon on the street



2014-04-14 18.06.17 HDR
Sunshine Centura crosetata de vara
2014-03-02 17.15.36
Summer belt
2014-03-02 14.41.34 HDR
Centura crosetata flori


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